About Us

Here at Plant Dining Partnerships, we’re committed to the following 10 points to further our mission:

  1. Provide extensive plant-based data resources to foodservice decision-makers
  2. Outreach to restaurants, dining halls, K-12 districts, hospitals, food trucks, & more
  3. Highlight consumer-led campaigns for plant-based options with leading national chains 
  4. Support select restaurants implementing plant-based options through the launch events
  5. Maintain and grow databases on plant-based eating in a variety of cuisines and locales
  6. SEO plant-based advocacy optimization
  7. Media cultivation highlighting consumer demand for plant-based food
  8. Presentations on plant-based practicality to engage flexitarians 
  9. Empowering volunteers to influence change at local foodservice establishments
  10. Sharing resources to showcase virtual demand of plant-based products 

Asian Grill: Plant Dining Partnerships were fantastic to work with in raising awareness of a new plant-based option we are implementing on our menu with media outreach and bringing community to our establishment. Thank you for your work, PDP!

Sticky Rice: We partnered together for a 10 course plant-based taste testing private event. We filled our seats up and ended up being overcrowded and we wouldn’t have it any other way. Our menu is now expanding plant-based options rapidly!

sPACYcLOUd We were fortunate to host an event with PDP. The atmosphere was great and everyone enjoyed our new vegan pizza and other upscale vegan dishes we prepared specially for the event while getting more knowledgeable on plant based options. It was an outstanding night and we cant wait to work with PDP again.