Urge Starbucks to add Beyond Sausage

This petition was created by Plant Dining Partnerships member, Lana Weidgenant. Here is her plea:

As a college student, Starbucks is one of my favorite places to stop for a quick coffee refill. Sadly, I am never able to grab breakfast as Starbucks does not offer any plant-based meal options and I try to eat my meals in a way that is better for the planet, my health, and animal welfare.

Starbuck’s biggest rival, Dunkin’, just launched the Beyond Sausage Breakfast Sandwich across national locations starting in New York this week. I would love to start buying food from Starbucks if they followed Dunkin’ in joining the massively growing plant-based foods trend among consumers and offered the Beyond Sausage across their national locations.

Sign and share today to urge Starbucks to add a Beyond Sausage breakfast sandwich to its menu before being left behind by Dunkin’.
Starbucks: Act Now And Offer The Plant-Based Beyond Sausage!
Starbucks is missing a massive opportunity by not acting on the plant-based meat trend now. There is a large and growing consumer demand for the Beyond Sausage and Starbucks is behind the times in not offering plant-based options in a year when 39% of consumers in the United States say they are actively trying to incorporate more plant-based foods into their diet. In the US economy, the plant-based industry generates over $13 billion in sales annually, showcasing the economic power and demand for plant-based.

Restaurants including Tim Hortons, TGI Fridays, Del Taco, Carl’s Jr, and BurgerFi are already offering Beyond Meat as a way to be plant-based accessible and tap into the growing demand and popularity of plant-based eating. Even Burger King came out with a plant-based burger across national locations.

The Beyond Sausage would be very powerful financially for Starbucks. Beyond Meat shares have soared over 258% from their original IPO price and were worth 1.5 billion dollars in their market debut. Beyond Meat reports that their products are available in over 35,000 outlets and that sales have been growing fast – with revenue from 2018 at $87.9 million, an increase of $55.3 million from the previous year’s revenue.

Tell Starbucks it must join the current year and cater to the massive trend and consumer demand by offering the Beyond Sausage nationally. Starbucks, the time to act is now!
Starbucks: Act Now And Offer The Plant-Based Beyond Sausage!