Urge Popeyes to release plant based chicken option

This petition was created by Plant Dining Partnerships member, Radhika Gupta. Here is her plea:

Whenever I have time, I enjoy eating a meal out with friends and family. And there’s one fast-food chain now that’s getting so much buzz: Popeyes.

As people around the country wait in lines at Popeyes, I can’t join them, nor can millions of other customers. That’s because Popeyes is a company falling behind the times in offering accessibility to plant-based options. As one of the most-talked-about fast-food restaurants out there right now, will you join me in calling on Popeyes to step up and add a plant-based chicken sandwich to their menu?

One of Popeyes biggest competitors, KFC, has already tested out a plant-based chicken option in one of their Atlanta locations. Sales were through the roof. The plant-based chicken was so popular that it sold out in five hours! KFC sold as many plant-based boneless wings as they would sell popcorn chicken in an entire week. It is very clear consumers are demanding plant-based chicken!

With over 2,400 locations, Popeyes is one of the largest fried chicken chains in the United States. Many restaurants near me have accommodations for all different diet restrictions. But there are many communities that still don’t have access to plant-based options and are surrounded by similar fast-food chains. Fortunately, many fast-food restaurants such as Burger King, Dunkin’, White Castle and many others have been adding plant-based options to their menus. Now it is time for Popeyes to do the same! Sign and share to ask Popeyes to join 2019 and offer plant-based chicken in their supply chain!
Popeyes: Listen to consumer demand and release plant-based chicken!


Many people are interested in trying out plant-based options for numerous reasons. The growth of plant-based protein and meat alternatives is projected to increase from $4.6 billion to $85 billion in 2030. Popeye’s has a tremendous opportunity to catch up to its competitors by providing a plant-based chicken option. Tell Popeyes the time to act on consumer demands now! Popeyes: Listen to consumer demand and release plant-based chicken!