Inaugural event hosted at Sticky Rice as they add new plant-based options!

Inaugural event hosted at Sticky Rice as they add new plant-based options!

On June 18th, Sticky Rice partnered with Plant Dining Partnerships to host two eight course plant-based seafood sampling events in back-to-back sessions.
The DMV community came to Sticky Rice Restaurant on June 18th, 2019 in support of the incorporation of new plant-based “sushi” options onto their menu!

Sticky Rice also provided a selection of dishes which are not currently on their menu for the event in order to determine if this is something they would like to offer permanently moving forward.

And Sticky Rice will even generously share a percentage of proceeds of the event back to Plant Dining Partnerships to continue creating higher accessibility of plant-based foods throughout the foodservice industry.

The entire restaurant was reserved for the sold-out event that occurred at 6:00 pm and again at 7:30.

Here is a selection of dishes that were served at each of the two event times:

Tofu Bites: Crispy chunks of tofu tossed pineapple and apricot duck sauce

Spinach Goma-ae: Sautéed spinach with sesame dressing

Aloha poke: steamed sweet potato and avocado with Wakame Salad

Veggie Tempura: Tempura fried asparagus, mushroom, sweet potato, onion, broccoli,and pineapple with ponzu dipping sauce.

supa 莖 (Super Heavenly Roll): Vegan Tvna, grilled pineapple, cilantro, jalapeno, avocado wasabi mayo and eel sauce rolled in crunchies.

Vegan tuna plate: Tuna 3 ways

King Roll: Tempura King mushrooms with vegan cheese avocado, cucumbers and eel sauce

Udon-men: miso style ramen with udon noodles and chorizo

Dessert: cinnamon coconut ice cream with red bean and balsamic drizzle

Additional meals that are being considered and offered as a bonus:

Garden Balls Shiitake: mushrooms, red pepper, cilantro and spicy rice in a tempura fried inari pocket.

Drizzled with eel sauce

Sushi tacos

Plant Dining Partnerships also participated in a taste-testing before the event with Jason Martin and John Yamashita, co-owners of Sticky Rice. Since Sticky Rice is introducing new plant-based seafood “tvna”, a Vegan Tvna Challenge was hosted in which customers tried both plant-based tuna and regular tuna. The challenge found that more times than not, plant-based tuna was the preferred choice!

Other plant-based options Sticky Rice is introducing include Watermelon Poke, Eel, Pretty Roll, and vegan Happy Hour specials including Half off on Wednesdays!
Thank you to all who came out with us! If you live in the DMV area, we hope you consider supporting Sticky Rice and its efforts to tap into the plant-based market for the community to enjoy more compassionate, healthier and environmentally friendly options!

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